Ed Philbrick was amazing to work with. I originally connected with Ed Philbrick through zillow when I found out that I was relocating to Southern California for a new job opportunity. I told him some of the basic things we were looking for and he built a nice profile that filtered homes that fit what we were looking for. Ed sent me a couple of videos of some homes that he personally walked through while we were still living in Cleveland.

As soon as I moved out to Southern California, Ed set up tours of some nice homes. I was house hunting in Southern California while my wife still lived in Cleveland. He was so patient with us. He really was interested in finding a home that worked for our personality. He took the time to get to know us and gave great recommendations on the neighborhoods and types of homes we should target. During the house hunting process, we ran into a few interesting situations. For example: One property that we put a bid upon, we bid against 19 other bidders!!! Another showing, I accidentally let 4 four dogs out of the garage and Ed helped me wrangle them back into their hiding spots.

We visited a lot of homes and Ed was always willing to see one more property before we ended for the day. In fact, I don’t think there was ever a time where he wasn’t available to go and look at homes with me. Ed was always positive. Even if we stopped by a place that I wanted to check out that was a total dump, we had fun checking out the wide variety of homes in our price range. Ed never got flustered with any of these crazy incidents.

Ed is very relaxed, accommodating, polite, genuine, thoughtful and thorough. He also worked very diligently with my relocation companies to get us to close in under 30 days. Ed knows the neighborhoods in Southern California intimately and helped navigate us into the right neighborhood for our personality.

When we found the house that we ultimately purchased, there was a moment where Ed and I just stood in the backyard for a moment. As I thought to myself, “I think this is the place for us!” Ed just gave me this smile and said “do you want to make an offer?” He just knew that we finally found the right home for us.

Ed Philbrick found us a fantastic house that we are very happy to now call home