North County San Diego Short Term Vacation Rentals Rules & Regulations




  • Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) permitted – less than 30 days

  • STVR less than 7 days are not permitted

  • Rentals more than 30 days do not require permit

  • Application required to obtain permit (based on calendar year)

  • When permit is approved a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) form will be provided

  • TOT is required to be paid monthly – 13% (same as hotel & motels in the city)

  • Permit is required to be displayed prominently in front window whether renting or not

  • Permit $ 100 Yearly Renewal $55

  • Contact – 858-720-4450

    DEL MAR – 92014

  • STVR permitted Short Term Vacation Rentals proposal by Del Mar to the Coastal Commission has been challenged

  • STVR is only permitted in the Residential Commercial (RC) Vacation Commercial (VC) zones – See Del Mar Zoning Map. No STVR permitted outside of these two zones

  • Apply for permit

  • Enforcement against existing non-conforming STVR’s established prior to April, 2006 temporarily

    delayed STVR to be in compliance during forebearance period

  • Contact – 858-755-9313

    CARLSBAD – Parts of 92008 & 92010

  • New STVR regs went into effect on Feb 23, 2016

  • STVR’s only permitted in Coastal Zone & La Costa Condo Owner’s Assoc (La Costa Chateau) at

    2003 & 2005 Camino Del Mar. Properties east of El Camino Real or in the 92011 or 92009 zip

    codes do not permit STVR’sSee Carlsbad Coastal Map

  • Apply for permit. Business license is required for each STVR

  • Permit takes about 3 weeks. Upon approval you receive a TOT form. STVR are subject to 10%

    TOT as well as a $1.00 per room per nite fee to the Carlsbad Tourism Business Improvement

    Assessment. TOT payment starts 2nd month

  • Neighbors need to be notified with an “Impact Response Plan” provided to all residents of

    properties abutting or across the street. HOA rules need to be abided by.

  • Permit needs to be prominently displayed (only needs to be posted during time STVR is rented)

  • Revocation of an STVR license will occur if 3 or more violations are accumulated in a 24 hour

    period & prohibit STVR for 36 months

  • Contact 760-602-2719

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ENCINITAS & CARDIFF 92024 & 92007

  • STVR’s are permitted for Single Family Residences (SFR) and duplexes ONLY

  • Apply for permit. When approved a TOT Form will be provided. TOT is paid Quarterly

  • TOT is 10% (2% goes to sand replacement)

  • Also required – Site Plan, Floor Plan & proof of ownership

  • Off Street Parking Requirements – # of parking spaces required are specified in approved

    permit. Parking Spaces need to be a minimum of 9 1⁄2 x 17’. If unit has never provided off street

    parking a letter of exemption can be submitted (very little chance of acceptance)

  • Occupancy – 2 occupants per bedroom + 1. EX: 3 bedrooms = total 7 occupants (specified in

    approved permit)

  • Only one short term rental allowed within a dwelling

  • Accessory unit cannot be rented out as STVR

  • Annual registration fee & renewal fee $150

  • Contact 760-633-2708